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Savannah’s NMO Story – I’m Done Apologizing for Not Showing Up

I have a rare, chronic neurological disease that affects my central nervous system. It’s caused me to become temporarily half-blind and feel throbbing pain everywhere… I was diagnosed with Neuromyelitis optica (NMO) also known as Devic’s disease (similar to MS) last month after my MRI scans showed optic neuritis and brain lesions — and it’s completely shattered… Read More

Theresa’s NMO Story – Facing One Day at a Time…

Imagine this: You’re driving on a highway, and suddenly, your hands stop working completely.  You can’t grip the wheel. Imagine the terror and the confusion… And then imagine, that, thank goodness, your husband is in the car with you and takes over driving before you get into an accident. You assume something crazy happened and… Read More

Catherine’s NMO Story – Life Is My Marathon

Life before NMO – I was an active mom, worked as a home health nurse case manager and an avid marathon/half marathon runner… Before work, I would wake up at 4:30 am most mornings and meet my running buddies for a six mile run. On Saturday’s, we would do our long runs which were 13-21… Read More

Veronica’s NMO Story – NMO Benched Him but Faith Keeps Him Swinging #MayberryStrong

My name is Veronica and this is my NMO story. I am not a patient but a mother/caregiver of an NMO patient. I have always been in a way, made fun of because I am THAT parent. You know, the one that takes their kids to the doctor for anything and everything. I thank God… Read More

Sherry’s NMO Story – From Caregiver to Needing the Care

My name is Sherry. My experience with my disease is a little different and backwards… I was taking care of my father who had MS for many years and experienced sporadic health issues but never at the same time. I began to notice that these issues were becoming increasingly worse, with more signs and symptoms… Read More