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Lelainia’s NMO Story – 30 Years with the Wrong Treatment

I can trace my first NMO symptoms back to when I was just 12 years old… I’d be walking down a flight of stairs and for a split second, it was as if a switch had been thrown, cutting off communication between my brain and my legs and I’d fall down the stairs. Sometimes I’d… Read More

Letitia’s NMO Story – Strength Gained from the Madness Survived

My name is Letitia and I am a 22-year-old South African NMO patient. My story began on the 26th of December 2017, Boxing Day… I had been suffering with an excruciating headache for the last 2 days. I eventually noticed that I also had trouble with my peripheral vision. After some online research, I came… Read More

Julie’s NMO Story – Tingles & Tinkles

Five years ago, my oldest daughter and I were grocery shopping when it occurred to me that the grocery store looked foggy or smokey. When I asked her if she thought it looked the same, she gave me a “you’ve lost your mind” look. By the next day, my vision was gone in the left… Read More

Ronae’s NMO Story – God & NMO

It was December 2019. I struggled almost every day with tension headaches (eyes and nose). My primary care doctor suspected I had migraines and prescribed me with migraine medication. I don’t like taking medication (never have) and stopped taking the pills after two days. I chose to fight the headaches… On Christmas Eve, I noticed… Read More

James’ NMO Story – Bumpy Road to a Diagnosis

Hello, my name is James. I am 24 years old. I am a recent college graduate, a skateboarder, a geek, a lucky dude with an amazing family and friends. If you don’t get the opportunity to let me bore you by telling you about those things, you could probably look at me and just assume… Read More