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Addie’s TM Story – Blessed to Call Her Mine

Addison “Addie” Havens was a healthy two year-old little girl full of energy and spunk who loved to play with her big brother… The weekend of January 29, 2016 began like any other but shortly after, Addie came down with a fever. We monitored it and were able to keep the fever down with Tylenol…. Read More

Virginia’s MOG story – A little child shall lead them Isaiah 11.6

Virginia was only 10 when, while checking the mail one day in April, she noticed a grayness in her vision, “like leaves creeping up from the bottom of my eye.”  The strange phenomenon went away in a few minutes. Her mother, Kimberlie, attributed the problem to Virginia’s allergies. But when the vision problem returned, they… Read More

Dominic’s NMO Story – Guided Through the NMO Storm

On December 25, 2018, we finally received answers and a diagnosis after Dominic became ill on November 19th with what we thought was a bug that was going around his school… He was taken to Children’s Hospital twice in one week because he wasn’t getting any better with his symptoms. A couple of days passed… Read More

Patty’s NMO Story – Is It MS or Could It Be Something Else?

I was 33 years old in 1993, when I experienced a sudden attack of optic neuritis, an inflammation that damages the optic nerve causing vision loss. A small black dot, obstructing the vision in my left eye turned into complete blindness in that eye in a matter of days. While admitted to Upstate University Hospital… Read More

Lisa’s MOG Story – Using Writing & Crafting to Cope With Chronic Disease

It was the late 1990’s. I was in my 30’s had constant pain down my left arm, and even though I couldn’t tie the symptoms down to any single event, my orthopedic surgeon had me on the surgery schedule assuming I needed a spinal fusion to fix a slipped disc. Then my MRI results came… Read More