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Joyce’s NMO Story – I Am An NMO Warrior

Hello! My name is Joyce and I am from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. My NMO symptoms started with loss of bladder control, stress inconvenience, irritable bowel with constipation, and sensation loss in my legs and arms. I also experienced severe migraines. Some of my migraines for last for days.  I would see spots, have blurred vision, and… Read More

Ilene’s NMO Story – Lessons Learned; Resilience Cultivated

I’m Ilene, the youngest of seven children.  I come from a family of school teachers and musicians. I love board games, musicals, plays, happy movies, skeet ball, Tower of Terror and having other people cook for me. My dream life was to be a pianist, a teacher, get married, travel, have children, be the fun… Read More

Pam’s NMO Story – How NMO Reinforced Positivity

On Monday morning, Pam had a headache. For a woman who never got headaches, this was notable.  In addition, when she turned her eyes right and left, she experienced eye pain. She took some ibuprofin, and went to the office, where she worked as a dental hygienist.   On Friday, Pam had an existing appointment… Read More

Marie’s NMO Story – Stronger Than You’d Know

Nothing can fell Marie. No matter the punches that NMO throws, Marie just gets up again and keeps on going. A strong young woman who has learned to live with blindness and many years in a wheelchair, Marie, now 26, has been living with NMO since the age of 14. Like for so many young… Read More

Jamie’s NMO Story – Holding on, even if a little too tight…

Jamie was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma at the age of 35.  Her condition was such that she didn’t need treatment, just monitoring. She was even healthy enough to have a second child. After the birth, though, she was put on Rituximab for the lymphoma, once a week for four weeks. Two years later, one night… Read More