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Therapies Chart

There are 3 FDA-approved therapies now available to the NMOSD community. The Sumaira Foundation is pleased to share the first-of-its-kind, NMOSD Therapies Chart.

Our goal in laying out these new and available therapies side-by-side is to empower the patient community to discuss their treatment options with their doctors to make informed decisions about their best paths forward. At TSF, we’re strong advocates for shared decision-making between patients and their physicians, especially when it comes to deciding what long-term treatment(s) to opt for.

This chart has been created by TSF. Our Foundation works with therapy makers equally with an unbiased and objective lens.

Special thanks to Dr. Michael Levy (subject-matter expert), Andrea Sydney (volunteer project manager), and 3Dcubed (animator) for their support in bringing this chart to fruition.


– Animated video for explanation
– Definition in text and audio format

Soliris Logo
Soliris® (eculizumab)
amgen logo
Uplizna® (inebilizumab-cdon)
Enspryng Logo
Pharmacology Complement Inhibitor B Cell Depletion Interleuken-6 (IL-6) Inhibitor
Drug Delivery Method Infusion (35 minutes)Infusion (90 minutes)Subcutaneous Injection
Frequency Every 2 weeksSingle dose on day 1 & day 15
followed by 6 months maintenance dose
Every 4 weeks
Dosage 1200 mg300 mg120 mg
Reduction in Relapse Risk 94%9 out of 10 patients were attack free
in the Randomized Control Period (RCP)
79% with background therapy,
74% without background therapy
Antibody Criteria AQP4+ NMOSD (MOG untested) AQP4+ NMOSD (MOG untested) AQP4+ NMOSD (MOG untested)
Common Side EffectsHeadaches
Runny nose
Urinary tract infection
Back pain
Runny nose
Potential Serious Side EffectsImportant Safety Information and Indication for SOLIRIS (eculizumab)Infusion reactionsInfusion reactions and infection
Manufacturer Alexion LogoAmgen LogoGenentech Logo
Assistance ProgramsAlexionHorizon By Your SideEnspryng Co-Pay Program
Prescribing InformationSoliris ® Prescribing InformationUplizna® Prescribing InformationEnspryng™ Prescribing Information

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