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Demystifying NMO & MOG Podcast

Demystifying NMO & MOG

The intersection of the science and everyday life of living with NMOSD & MOGAD

A common theme among NMOSD/MOGAD patients and caretakers has been the challenge of finding reliable information that was understandable and how it related to them. Most NMOSD/MOGAD information existed only in the domain of technical, scientific research. Patients and caregivers were often left overwhelmed without consumer-level plain language resources.

Demystifying NMO & MOG was born to bridge the gap between theory and pragmatism by bringing together the world’s foremost experts on NMOSD/MOGAD, the doctors dedicated to studying it, and the patients who live with it every day.

This podcast is sponsored by Genentech. All episodes are available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Youtube.


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Brian Dawson, M.L.I.S | Host & Program Manager

After being diagnosed with NMOSD in 2015 and then MOGAD in 2018, Brian is dedicated to making sure accurate science-based information is accessible to all. Brian has a master’s degree in Library and Information Science and is a professional librarian.

Chelsey Judge, PhD | Co-Host

Chelsey Judge holds a PhD in immunology and serves as a member of TSF’s Strategic Advisory Council. Her experiences as a family member of an NMOSD patient and MS patients make her the perfect science translator.

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