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Human Collective Project

TSF Support Group Meetings

The Human Collective Project (HCP) is TSF’s support group meetings offered to anyone who has been affected/impacted by NMOSD or MOGAD. The program came into existence during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 when most NMOSD and MOGAD patients felt particularly isolated and vulnerable to the coronavirus as immunosuppressed/immunocompromised members of society. The isolation many of us experienced unveiled a great need and opportunity for us to connect in a meaningful way to offer our support to one another.

Since launching in 2020, we have expanded the program to offer more sessions and in multiple geographies and languages to ensure that everyone in the NMOSD and MOGAD community feels welcomed and included. As we always say, HCP is a great way to meet others in similar circumstances in this rare community; it is a safe space to laugh, cry, vent, share wins, etc. This program is driven and led by TSF Patient and Caregiver Ambassadors around the world.

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Hosted by Leda Bresnov, TSF Ambassador of Denmark & International Ambassador Liaison (in Danish)

Hosted by Elodie Hostiez, TSF Ambassador of Belgium (in French)

Hosted by Matthias Fuchs, TSF Ambassador of Germany (in German)

Hosted by Sumaira Ahmed, TSF Founder & Executive Director (in English)

Hosted by Arif Khan & Clarinda Cerejo, TSF Ambassadors of India (in English)

Hosted by Elena Damiani, TSF Ambassador of Italy (in Italian)

Hosted by Yoka Heijstek, TSF Ambassador of the Netherlands (in Dutch)

Hosted by Johanna Cardona Hernandez, TSF Ambassador of Colombia (in Spanish)

Hosted by Letitia Annamalay, TSF Ambassador of South Africa (in English)

Hosted by Fatih Sen, TSF Ambassador of Türkiye (in Turkish)


“HCP is a place where I can connect with people from all walks of life that know what it’s like to be diagnosed with or affected by a rare disease. Rare diseases alone have such small communities and numbers, but collectively we are powerful. The connections I have built through HCP are bonds that will last a lifetime.”

“Every time I attend or host HCP I feel safe, supported, heard, understood and encouraged. I enjoy hosting HCP because it allows me to connect with others around the world who are living with or caring for someone with MOGAD and provide them with the same support that was given to my daughter and I when she began her journey with MOG.”

“HCP has allowed me to make lasting friendships with patients worldwide. I love meeting others and learning about their journeys and talking to those who understand what you are experiencing makes you feel a little less crazy.”

“NMOSD is a rare disease. The word “rare” is enough to tell you how small the chance is to meet another patient in real life in person.”

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