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Dionne’s NMO Story – Journey to a Diagnosis

Meet Dionne, a vibrant 46-year old, former nurse, mother of 2 from New Orleans, Louisiana who has been living with NMO since 2009. Click below to watch Dionne share her NMO journey, what/who inspires her, and words of encouragement! Published July 14, 2017

Megan’s NMO Story – Coping via Cosmetics

Meet Megan, a 16 year old NMO patient who and YouTube sensation (@PerfectlyKnitBeauty) who has been coping with her chronic illness through the use of makeup. We laud her courage, wisdom, and incredible strength. Be inspired with the video below! Megan’s story marks our 20th Voices of NMO story and the 1st video submission. To… Read More

Lillian’s NMO Story – Living For Her Family

She thought she had a bad sunburn… Lillian had gone camping with her daughter and her Girl Scout troop in September of 2015.  When she returned home, her shoulders and arms burned, but strangely, had not changed color.  The burning sensation lasted for months.  Lillian was in severe pain, and felt as if her body… Read More

Angela’s NMO Story – From Managing Retail to Managing Vision Loss & Paralysis

I was diagnosed with NMO on March 10, 2015… An MRI that was done while I was receiving inpatient care for sudden paralysis of my lower limbs showed a spinal lesion on vertebrae C4 through C6… After all the unanswered questions, frustration, doctors appointments, blood work, imaging, crying, and terrifying Google searches, I finally had… Read More

Adam’s NMO Story – Narrated by The Love of His Life

My name is Jamie and I am Adam’s partner of 17 years. This is Adam’s NMO story from my perspective… Everything was perfect in our lives;  Adam had a good job and we were looking for our first home to purchase with our two young sons. Things could not have been any better…. Adam’s story… Read More