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Adam’s NMO Story – Narrated by The Love of His Life

My name is Jamie and I am Adam’s partner of 17 years. This is Adam’s NMO story from my perspective… Everything was perfect in our lives;  Adam had a good job and we were looking for our first home to purchase with our two young sons. Things could not have been any better…. Adam’s story… Read More

Matt’s NMO Story – Driven for His Daughter

With respect to the patient’s desire to remain anonymous, we will refer to him as Matt.  It started along with a very bad cold in late 2011.  Eye pain and some vision loss.  Matt went to an ophthalmologist and felt scared, for the first time, watching the concern suddenly grow in the doctor’s eyes as she… Read More

Max’s NMO Story – The Luckiest Kid in the World

On a warm February evening at the University of Miami, I sat in my Music Business lecture and wondered from where this strange soreness had come. There was a lingering discomfort each time I moved my left eye from side to side or up and down. My eyes had never been an issue and this… Read More

Dr. Michael Levy’s NMO Story – A Physician’s Quest to Find a Cure

I was an on-call intern late one night at the Johns Hopkins Hospital when I met a young woman who presented with weakness and pain in her legs. This was her third admission to the hospital in the past 6 months despite her doctor’s best effort to treat her for multiple sclerosis (MS). “I don’t… Read More

Heather’s NMO Story – Determined to Overcome

Something Wasn’t Right I was the perfect example of the shiny student off to bigger and better things from the small country town where I grew up. I had a very bright future ahead of me. It was my last year of high school, and I was cramming in as many courses into my workload… Read More

Deanna’s NMO Story – Choosing Resilience

February 1st, 2011 – I began having vision problems in my left eye and a few days later, it got drastically worse. I went to the Mass Eye and Ear Infirmary’s ER and was diagnosed with Optic Neuritis. With time, it got a little better but by the end of February, my legs started feeling tingly, numb,… Read More

Keri’s NMO Story – New Baby & New Diagnosis

I have never been a person that likes to sit still; I don’t even like going to the movies.  If it was up to me, I would run from location to location so that I can get there faster.  I was a runner in high school, in college and I have completed 4 marathons, qualifying… Read More

Elizabeth’s NMO Story – Mind over Matter

My life changed eleven years ago when I was diagnosed with NMO. To this day, I still have moments where I reflect back on my story and feel every ounce of emotion I felt during my diagnosis. However, over time, I have been able to adapt to my so-called normalcy after being an active teenager… Read More

Adria’s NMO Story – Juggling Law & Autoimmune Diseases Like a Pro

Since she already had been diagnosed with lupus, Raynaud syndrome, and Sjogren’s syndrome, Adria didn’t think much about the tingling in her hands that started in February of 2016.  Besides, she was far too busy to pay attention.  Adria was working full time as a paralegal and going to law school in the evenings. The… Read More

Heather’s NMO Story – Always Fighting

I was diagnosed with Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder (NMOSD) in November 2013. My symptoms started June of that year with my toes going numb, shortly after returning from a cruise I took for my 30th birthday. Unlike most others, I was actually looking forward to turning the big 3-0! As the month went on, the… Read More