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Posted by: The Sumaira Foundation in News & Announcements

The Sumaira Foundation for NMO (TSF) and the Connor B. Judge Foundation (CBJF) announced their partnership on May 10, 2019 in their mutual quest to raise awareness for neuromyelitis optica (NMO).

TSF focuses on generating global awareness for NMO, raising funds to enhance NMO research, and has been successful in supporting patients and their caregivers. CBJF targets autoimmune diseases, of which NMO spectrum disorder (NMOSD) is one, and contributes to relevant ongoing research. TSF and CBJF are excited that their collaboration will bring heightened awareness to the NMO patient and caregiver perspective, as well as patient-oriented education on NMO.

CBJF, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, was established in 2015 by Pam and Chelsey Judge soon after Connor, their son and brother, respectively, was diagnosed with NMO. TSF was founded in Boston, Massachusetts in 2014 by Sumaira Ahmed, two months after being diagnosed with sero-negative neuromyelitis optica.

Inspired by the new relationship, TSF’s Chief Strategy Officer, Melissa Herman, says,

“It is our hope that collaborating with CBJF gets patients and the scientific community closer to a cure than ever before! I speak on behalf of the entire TSF team that it is an honor to be working with both Pam and Chelsey Judge who have spent much of their leisure time, energy, and resources towards funding research and keeping NMO at the forefront of their community’s mind.”

Chelsey Judge, PhD, scientific advisor of CBJF states,

“It has been my dream to deliver relevant scientific and medical engagement to a broader group who have been impacted by diseases like NMOSD. I am so excited by the opportunity to partner with TSF to increase awareness and education on neurological autoimmune diseases. ”

A key initiative of the TSF and CBJF partnership is to create relevant scientific educational content that will empower neurological autoimmune patients and their loved-ones to be well-informed. Common struggles for patients can be trying to find credible information and decipher the meaning of seemingly-convoluted medical and scientific jargon. The goal is to provide a translation of those tough but important scientific concepts related to neurological autoimmune diseases into layperson’s terms.

TSF and CBJF are excited to collaborate to further raise awareness and enhance education on NMOSD and related neurological autoimmune diseases.

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