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Week Six – Nikoletta (Hungary)

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Description of your submission and why you chose it for submission:

I chose this quilt because it is colourful and cheerful as life is. It took many hours over several weeks to sew and complete it.

When were you (or your loved one) first diagnosed with NMO?

I received my official NMO diagnosis in January 2010.

Please describe your journey with NMO

In early 2007, I had bilateral optic neuritis, I was told it was MS. After steroids, I recovered nicely. After many tests, I received the NMO diagnosis in 2010. I took medication for five years with no worsening for years. As a residual symptom, my right side is a bit weaker.

What has been the most challenging part of having NMO?

Acceptance was the hardest or rather, having to adjust my life – slow down and put down all the stress! But it was a good decision in the end!

Please describe in a few sentences how your art submission
reflects your life with NMO

I sew – it is a hobby, therapy and passion for me… NMO came along and tore my future vision to shreds. I picked up the pieces and fitted them tightly together. The result is more beautiful and stronger than the original… It’s like the patchwork…

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