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Ravulizumab in Aquaporin-4–Positive Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder

Ravulizumab in Aquaporin-4–Positive Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder

Journal: Annals of Neurology; March 3, 2023

Author(s): Sean J. Pittock, Michael Barnett, Jeffrey L. Bennett, Achim Berthele, Jérôme de Sèze, Michael Levy, Ichiro Nakashima, Celia Oreja-Guevara, Jacqueline Palace, Friedemann Paul, Carlo Pozzilli, Marcus Yountz, Kerstin Allen, Yasmin Mashhoon, Ho Jin Kim

Ravulizumab in NMOSD patients testing positive for AQP4

Ravulizumab is a therapy for NMOSD that has recently (in 2024) been approved in the US, following the clinical trial called CHAMPION-NMOSD.  This paper, which reviews data from the clinical trial, shows the safety and efficacy of ravulizumab in adult NMOSD patients who tested positive for aquaporin-4 antibodies (AQP4+). Ravulizumab was found to significantly reduce the risk of relapse in patients with AQP4+ NMOSD, with similar levels of safety as eculizumab for NMOSD and as ravulizumab in all other conditions where it has been approved.

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