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Posted by: The Sumaira Foundation in News & Announcements

December 22, 2023 — The Sumaira Foundation is pleased to announce the first round of awardees of TSF’s 2023 research grants. Congratulations to all the researchers who will each be awarded with up to $25,000 to initiate their projects!

NMOSD & MOGAD in Montenegro: Clinical Aspects, Pain and Community Impact

Principle Investigator | Sanja Gluscevic, MD, PhD

Institution | Clinical Centre of Montenegro, Neurology Clinic, University of Montenegro

Aim | To provide a comprehensive understanding of NMOSD and MOGAD in Montenegro, with a focus on clinical aspects, pain, and the impact on the community.

Award Amount | $5,000 (This grant was made possible with support from Terry & Greg Clark of The Dorchester Foundation)

A New in Vitro Human Model to Study MOGAD Physiopathology: The MOGAXON Project

Principle Investigators | Álvaro Cobo-Calvo, MD, PhD and Juan Antonio García León

Institutions | Multiple Sclerosis Center of Catalonia (CEMCAT), Vall d’Hebron and University of Malaga (Spain)

Aim | To establish a new in vitro human model comprising an all-human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSC)-derived oligodendrocytes co-cultured with neurons that could serve as the bases to reveal new MOGAD-specific mechanisms, a previous essential step before developing novel therapeutic strategies.

Award Amount | $25,000

Latin American Consensus Recommendations for Management & Treatment of Adult MOGAD Patients in Clinical Practice

Principle Investigator | Edgar Carnero Contentti, MD MSc

Institution | Hospital Alemán (Argentina)

Aim | To review how adult patients living with MOGAD should be managed and treated in Latin America in order to improve long-term outcomes and to optimize resources in these populations.

Award Amount | $5,000 (This grant was made possible with support from Terry & Greg Clark of The Dorchester Foundation)

Hyperreflective Foci (HRF): A New Retinal Marker in NMOSD & MOGAD?

Principle Investigators | Joachim Havla, MD and Jonathan A. Gernert, MD

Institution | Institute for Clinical Neuroimmunology, University Hospital LMU Munich (Germany)

Aim I | To conduct a cross-sectional comparison of the number of HRF in eyes without a history of optic neuritis between patients with NMOSD, MOGAD and other demyelinating diseases.

Aim II | To conduct a longitudinal analysis of the number of HRF between patients with NMOSD, MOGAD and other demyelinating diseases considering clinical and imaging follow-up data.

Award Amount | $25,000

Validating the TRIPS-A Scoring Tool for Relapse Prediction in MOGAD

Principle Investigator | Ahmed Obeidat, MD, PhD

Institution | Medical College of Wisconsin (United States)

Aim I | To develop and apply a scoring tool to predict subsequent relapses after an initial attack in people with myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein antibody disease.

Aim II | To compare serum levels of neurofilament light (NfL), a marker of neuroaxonal damage, cross-sectionally, between patients falling into the high score category (potentially relapsing) versus those falling into the lower score category (potentially monophasic).

Award Amount | $25,000

Double Seronegative NMO in Latin America: An Epidemiological Overview

Principle Investigators | Ricardo Alonso, MD, Lorna Galleguillos, MD and Carlos Navas, MD

Institutions | Hospital Ramos Mejias (Argentina), Clínica Alemana de Santiago (Chile) and Clínica Colombia (Colombia)

Aim |

Award Amount | $25,000

Thymic Negative Selection in T-cell Repertoire Development in MOG CNS Autoimmunity

Principle Investigator | Scott Zamvil, MD, PhD

Institution | University of California, San Francisco (United States)

Aim I | To evaluate the role of thymic MOG expression in development of the pathogenic T-cell repertoire in MOG-targeted CNS autoimmunity

Aim II | To breed our new MOGfl/fl mice with Foxn1-cre mice to generate mice deficient in thymic expression of MOG (Foxn1-cre-MOGfl/fl) and to confirm selective thymic deficiency.

Award Amount | $25,000

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