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Week Seven – Leda (Denmark)

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Description of your creative piece and why you chose it for submission:

My poems help me through pain that I normally cannot explain. I chose to submit them because they describe how it feels to live with this kind of pain, provoked by a rare disease.

When were you first diagnosed with NMO?

I was diagnosed in September/October 2018.

Please describe your journey with NMO:

NMOSD came like a thief in the night. It took my life, my job, my freedom. From one day to another, the entire left side of my body became paralyzed and I lost 80% of my vision. Since I’ve got my diagnosis, after my first attack, my life has been a fight every day, just for the maintenance of my body. Today, I am retired and still learning how to deal with this disease. The Sumaira Foundation has given me a sense of purpose in life again and the feeling that I’m not alone in this fight against NMO.

What has been the most challenging part of having NMO?

NMOSD changed my whole life. I had to start everything over again. The most challenging thing was and still is, rediscovering myself and
accepting the person I am becoming.

Please describe in a few sentences how your submission reflects your life with NMO:

It reflects moments of despair and grief that NMO can make you feel.

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