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Week One – Jaycee (UK)

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Description of your submission and why you chose it for

This was one of the last solo performances I did before getting ill. I hope that one day I will be able to get back to this level of dance. However, I am still recovering from my first attack of NMO which was severe, as I became paralyzed.

When were you (or your loved one) first diagnosed with NMO?

I was diagnosed with NMO in June 2020 at age 16. My NMO started with severe vomiting, hiccups and vision loss.

Please describe your journey with NMO

My journey with NMO nearly ended my life. I try to stay positive and remember that I am strong! I like to describe my journey as the 5 stages of grief over my body, as like many people with this condition I was on a large dose of steroids.

What has been the most challenging part of having NMO?

The most challenging part of having NMO personally was adapting and accepting my new body. Due to me being fully paralyzed I have had to learn how to do everything again including speaking, as I had a tracheostomy.

Please describe in a few sentences how your art submission reflects your life with NMO

I feel my submission is slightly different as this was a video from before I got ill. NMO has caused me to change my career path which I’m sure many others have had to do also however I am so lucky. My new career path of a sports and exercise therapist will allow me to still be in the dance world. I will be caring and supporting young dancers.

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