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James’ NMO Story – Bumpy Road to a Diagnosis

Hello, my name is James. I am 24 years old. I am a recent college graduate, a skateboarder, a geek, a lucky dude with an amazing family and friends. If you don’t get the opportunity to let me bore you by telling you about those things, you could probably look at me and just assume… Read More

Donna’s NMO Story – You Are Only Dealt What You Can Handle

It was March 2009. I was 39 years old. One morning, I woke up feeling significant pressure behind my left eye. I felt it mostly in the right corner of my eye, but assumed it would go away as quickly as it came. After a day or two, I thought it could be a sinus… Read More

Diane’s MOG Story – Grateful for MOG

At the time of my diagnosis, in February of 2018, I was on my way home from the Cleveland Clinic. I had just completed my initial neurology evaluation to establish care there, as my local neurologist, Dr. Erica Grazioli, would soon no longer be accepting my insurance. The thought of having to start over with… Read More

Addie’s TM Story – Blessed to Call Her Mine

Addison “Addie” Havens was a healthy two year-old little girl full of energy and spunk who loved to play with her big brother… The weekend of January 29, 2016 began like any other but shortly after, Addie came down with a fever. We monitored it and were able to keep the fever down with Tylenol…. Read More

Virginia’s MOG story – A little child shall lead them Isaiah 11.6

Virginia was only 10 when, while checking the mail one day in April, she noticed a grayness in her vision, “like leaves creeping up from the bottom of my eye.”  The strange phenomenon went away in a few minutes. Her mother, Kimberlie, attributed the problem to Virginia’s allergies. But when the vision problem returned, they… Read More