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Danielle’s NMO Story – Sending Spoons

April Fools’ Day jokes are supposed to be funny. However, the one my parents thought I was playing two years ago, was most definitely not. I’m not pulling your leg either when I tell you, on April 1, 2016, I woke up completely blind in my left eye. Let me pause for a moment and… Read More

Chelsey’s NMO Story – Vision Without Sight

In February 2019, I received an NMOSD diagnosis after nearly 11 years of being treated for multiple sclerosis… I think when you are diagnosed with a chronic disease, knowing who you are is critical to how you move forward with living the life you want to live. With certainty, I can say that I live… Read More

Eleanor’s NMO Story – A Lucky Beach Girl

Is it unreasonable to call a woman who comes down with a rare autoimmune disease lucky? What about two autoimmune diseases? It may seem strange, but Eleanor considers herself lucky. With her children still in high school, her elderly parents needing her care and working a full- time teaching job, Eleanor didn’t have much time… Read More

Nicki’s NMO Story – Taking on NMO One Day at a Time

While 2018 came ringing in with optimism, I was back in school getting my business degree and making moves to start a daycare center for children with special needs. I was working long hours with a successful home daycare that allowed me to be an active parent with my children at home. I had a… Read More